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Thai Milk Tea | 2022

When tea is life, you become one.

Banana Oat Smoothie | 2021

Client: Warna 942.FM, Mediacorp
How to make Banana Oat Smoothie with style.

Blueberry Desserts | 2021

Client: Pokka, Nurul Aini
Whip out delicious raya cookies with POKKA!

Smores Bom | 2020

Client: Boms & Buns
Can I have S'mores please?

Crepe Cake | 2021

Look at those layers. Forget about cheat day, just eat.

Indomie's Salted Egg Noodle | 2020

Passion Project
It was during COVID, I had nothing to do at home.

Chicken | 2021

Client: ASAS Chicken
Chicken flying everywhere tastes so good.

Lemon Macarons | 2021

Client: Mes Macarons
When life gives you lemons, just eat lah don't complain.

Are you the Wan? | 2019

Client: Creamed SG
Seems like there's another dangerous Wan in town.

Filmography (Coming Soon)

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